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Vinemont Christian Academy
21325 US Hwy 31, Vinemont, AL 35179
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 On-Campus Fee Schedule 2018-2019
1st through 12th grade

Please take notice of the following statements:

All tuition payments will be made at the VCA office.
The registration and SAT Achievement test fee must be paid to the school office.
Registration is $150.00 per student. There will be no refunds for the registration fee.

The fee for replacement Paces: $5.00 for a repeat Pace, $10.00 for a lost Pace, $10.00 to repeat a Pace for scoring violations. Over 75 Paces will be billed to the account. 
SAT Achievement test fee is $35.00 per student each year in  April.

To accommodate the needs of each individual family we offer the following options.

Option #1 -- Full Year Payment -- August 1st
1st Child --$2500.00
2nd Child --$2,350.00
3rd Child --$2,250.00
Tuition includes 75 initial Paces

Option # 2 – Semester Payments----   August 1st- & January 1st
1st Child-- $1350.00
2nd Child-- $1300,.00
3rd Child-- $1,250.00
Tuition includes 75 initial Paces

Option # 3-- 10 Monthly Payments ----  August 1st--May 1st 
1st Child-- $ 275.00
2nd Child --$260.00
3rd Child --$ 255.00
Tuition includes 75 initial Paces
No refunds after 10 days, and a 10% administrative charge if refunded. High School students may have a charge for courses not included in Regular Pace Subjects (i.e. Foreign Language, Computer) 
256-734-2882 / Fax 256-736-5643 , e-mail