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Vinemont Christian Academy

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Admission Requirements

Any family who wishes to enroll their child with V.C.A. must complete the following activities:

  • Come to the school for an interview and information about the school and the programs that are offered.
  • Read the Student Handbook and fill out enrollment forms.
  • Submit the completed application forms, accompanied by the registration fee and previous school records with immunization records.
  • Upon acceptance, complete parent orientation.
  • Parents must be in agreement with school policies, academics, disciplines, and personally practice, and support our Biblical morals and standards.
  • Parents must pledge to support the school in word, finances, and prayer for the school staff and program.

Before a student can be enrolled the following forms must be filled out and returned to V.C.A.:

  • Student Application
  • Medical History
  • Church-School or Home-School Enrollment Form
  • Signed Student Withdrawal
  • Student Record Release
  • Parent/Student Information Sheet
  • Signed Media Permission Release
  • Standard of Conduct (needs to be filled out by the student)
  • Application for Smart Tuition

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