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YOUR Tuition and Fees could be totally Free! For more information check out our Alabama Scholarship Fund webpage.

Tuition and Fees are the most reasonable in our area. We want to make a Christian Education  affordable to as many as possible. Compare VCA tuition to others and see the difference.

Tuition and Fees 2018-2019 Rates:

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 On Campus Fee Schedule 2018-19
1st through 12th grade

Please take notice of the following statements:
  • All tuition payments will be made to Smart Tuition.
  • The school office will supply you with information about Smart Tuition.
  • The registration and SAT Achievement test fee must be paid to the school office.
  • Tuition refunds are available Only in the first 30 days of enrollment with a 10% penalty.
  • Registration is $150.00 per student. There will be no refunds for the registration fee.

The fee for replacement Paces is $5.00 for a repeat Pace, $10.00 for a lost Pace, $10.00 to repeat a Pace for scoring violations.
SAT Achievement test fee is $35.00 per student each year.
To accommodate the needs of each individual family we offer the following options.

Option #1 -- Full Year Payment
1st Child --$2,450.00
2nd Child --$2,300.00
3rd Child --$2,200.00
Tuition includes 75 initial Paces
Payments are due on the 1st of each month August- May

Option # 2 – Semester Payments
1st Child-- $1300.00
2nd Child-- $1250,.00
3rd Child-- $1,200.00
Tuition includes 75 initial Paces
Payment due on the 1st of August & December
Option # 3-- 10 Monthly Payments
1st Child-- $ 270.00
2nd Child --$255.00
3rd Child --$ 250.00
Tuition includes 75 initial Paces
Payments are due on the first of each month ( August-May)
No refunds after 10 days, and a 10% administrative charge if refunded. High School students may have a charge for courses not included in Regular Pace Subjects
i.e. Foreign Language, Computer
256-734-2882 / Fax 256-736-5643 , e-mail

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