2022-2023 VCA Student Uniforms

Student Uniforms and Personal Appearance

​V.C.A is unashamedly a school of Godly standards in appearance and dress. We believe that we should not only be Christians in word and in action, but also in appearance. We believe our appearance reflects our inward spiritual condition and our esteem for others. Therefore, we choose to have a standard of dress that is Scriptural and above reproach, which will be a godly testimony. 

We have chosen a school uniform for our students that has many benefits and will give in return many dividends. Listed below are some of the benefits of having a school uniform. 

All uniforms are made available for purchase thru Zoghby's Uniforms.


The school uniform  must be worn each day to all classes as well as to any school activities, field trips, ball games, and programs whether on or off campus, that are school sponsored. All students must wear their shirt or blouse tails tucked in with all buttons fastened. Boy's pants legs must touch the top of the shoe. Girls dress length can be no higher than the middle of the knee. Boys must wear a black conservative belt. Boys and girls must wear black shoes, well kept and clean (no athletic footwear, open toes, or heels or platform heels of more than one inch). Gentlemen are permitted to wear dress boots as long as they are worn under their pants leg. Boys and girls must wear a V.C.A. uniform tie to all Church services and all day on chapel day. (A 30 minute detention is issued for not wearing ties on chapel day) Boys must wear khaki socks to match their pants and girls must wear either natural colored hose or khaki socks to match their skirts. In the winter months (exact times will be determined by the administration) girls may wear the thicker white hosery with feet, (example: tights from Zoghby's)

A male student's hair must be cut so that it will meet the following requirements: conservative, no fads, no artificial coloring, no perms, cut off and above the ears, eyebrows and shirt collar, tapered, never excessively full nor long. Young Men must be clean shaven (no beards, mustaches, or long sideburns). A female student's hair should not be so short that she looks masculine. It should cover the ears. It should also be kept clean and combed. The natural color must not be changed.

V.C.A. will provide the specific requirements to satisfy the dress code each school year as needed.

All uniforms are made available for purchase thru Zoghby's Uniforms.

90's photo taken at VCA. Older uniforms. Prayer is a way of life at VCA,